Ben Pressburg founded the Retired Louisiana State Police Communication Network (RLSPCN) on September 26, 2007. He envisioned an organization that would represent the interests of retirees of the Louisiana State Police.

To be a member of the RLSPCN you must meet certain requirements:
In order to qualify for membership, the applicant must be a retired Louisiana State Police (LSP) Officer who is receiving, or who is scheduled to receive, benefits from one of the following retirement plans approved for the Louisiana State Police Retirement System: 10 (10+) years, 20 (20+) years, Medical Line of Duty, or Medical not Line of Duty.

Full Membership is granted to Surviving Spouses upon application, and Honorary Membership will be considered for individuals, on a case by case basis, who have demonstrated their selfless dedication to this Organization.
Membership is voluntary and may be discontinued at any time by either the Member or this Organization upon written notification of intent. Your personal information will only be shared with other RLSPCN Members, and will never be shared with, or sold to, third-parties or Spammers. Upon approval of membership, both the Retired Trooper and his/her Spouse or Significant Other become a Member Team. The Spouses or Significant Others are thereby honored for their sacrifice and for their support of their Trooper Spouse/Significant Other throughout the Officer’s career. Single unattached Officers are welcome to join, as well.

You may complete and submit an online application in addition to requesting a "traditional" application.