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Welcome to the Retired Louisiana State Police Communication Network (RLSPCN) website. This portion of the website is devoted to communication of news and topics of interest to the members of the RLSPCN and general public. MOST of the articles will be available ONLY to registered members of the RLSPCN, however there will be from time to time articles that will be available to the general public.

Some of the areas covered in this website will be articles pertaining to:

  • Legislative bills – either proposed or existing,
  • Potential employment offers to RLSPCN members,
  • Death notices and/or arrangements for RLSPCN members,
  • Prayer requests,
  • “Good News” articles,
  • Articles of general interest to RLSPCN members

We hope this website will be a source of helpful information to everyone who uses it.